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About Us

United Way of Clinton County strives to improve lives and advance the common good of our community.  This is accomplished through participation in collaborative groups, partnering with social service agencies, assessment of the needs of our citizens and cooperation with other community focused agencies, organizations and companies. We are a member of United Way of America. We LIVE UNITED by funding and developing local programs and meeting local needs.

Our focus is on community partner funding that provides a long term impact to the citizens of Clinton County. Each partner agency is reviewed by our Allocations Committee annually. They submit their financials, program information, program budget, and growth projections. The committee carefully reviews these documents and then has an interview time with each agency. The allocation to partner agencies is the single most important function we complete each year. We believe we owe it to the hundreds of United Way supporters in the Clinton County Community who trust our staff and board with their donations to be diligent, fair, and fiscally responsible in our considerations. We ensure they are seeing measurable results from all of our partner agencies.

United Way of America provides United Way of Clinton County with research, training, and the rights to use the United Way name and logo. It does not govern our local chapter. All money raised in Clinton County stays in Clinton County (unless designated to another county by an investor), and all decisions regarding the funding of programs and services are made locally. Therefore when we say Local Dollars Helping Local People, we truly mean it and make sure the impact is felt in all communities including Blanchester, New Vienna, Sabina, Port William, Clarksville and everywhere in between.

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